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THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE QUESTION PACK is essential for your studies to help you pass the NBCOT exam!

GREAT FOR THE NEW NBCOT EXAM to become a Registered Occupational Therapist! and great for OTA's too !!

This is the Guide Instructors all over are recommending as a must have for passing the NBCOT EXAM!

1100 Things You Should Know Before Taking The Exam Plus 300 Free Practice Questions

OT Exam

Formerly NBCOTexam.com..  (changed to avoid confusion with the NBCOT.org study guide)


THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE PACK contains information NOT FOUND ANYWHERE on the internet.  



This is the ONLY place on the Internet where you can find this Study Guide, anywhere else and it's not the Original..

THIS GUIDE IS GREAT FOR THE NEW 2014/2015 NBCOT Exam.  While simulations are added to the new EXAM, the knowledge you need to complete the simulations is what you will find in our GUIDE.

This guide was made by students who have taken and passed the NBCOT exam.   We know students do not have a lot of money, so this is one reason we keep the price so low. And it's great material to use for the new 2014/15 exam!

Occupational Therapy Students made these Notes!

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Occupational Therapy Exam



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Included in this pack:

STUDY GUIDE:  The OTStudyguide.com study pack includes over 1000 content areas that must be reviewed prior to taking the test.  Some include Pictures to help explain what you should know. These content areas  (see below some of the content areas that are covered) reflect what is on the exam and is an exhaustive selection of concepts that appear most often within the exam.

FREE PRACTICE PACK:  The OTstudyguide.com practice pack includes 300 exam questions that incorporate content and clinical thinking into a simulated practice test  review.  Questions are similar to those on the exam and require solid knowledge of concepts reviewed from the study guide.

    Studying for the exam takes comprehensive review of the    content you learned in occupational therapy school and its application within the clinical setting.  Our study guide provides not only a review of the content through our exhaustive list of over 1000 things you must know prior to taking the NBCOT, but we also provide you practice exam questions that challenge your application of the content areas you've reviewed. 


The NBCOT is a clinical examination which requires extensive knowledge and critical thinking skills.  The NBCOT's difficulty is a reflection of the required skills that you must have to become strong, confident entry-level occupational therapist.  Your passing the exam is testiment to your high level of clinical skills and your ability to practice as a quality occupational therapist.  The NBCOT is intended to challenge you and simulate situations you will encounter as you enter occupational therapy profession. 

It is imperative that you review all content areas and apply your knowledge before taking the exam.


The Study Guide & Practice Pack were developed by actual test takers and reflects the experience of test takers.  The Study Guide & Practice Pack also complements content you learned in occupational therapy school and empowers you to your further strengthen your core knowledge.

 Please note while this Study Guide is designed for the OTR test, it is very helpful for future OTA's as well.  Many COTA's have found the Study Guide to have information they need to pass the OTA test as well.

Unlike other Study Guide & Practice Packs, the OTStudyguide.com Study Guide & Practice Pack is cost efficient and affordable.  Most review materials exceed $60.00 and do not include both components offered within the OTStudyguide.com Pack.  Reflecting and respecting your college budget, OTStudyGuide.com seeks to facilitate your success by charging only $24.95 for the ENTIRE PACK!


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Median / Ulnar / Radial Nerves

Babinski's Reflex

Allen's Cognitive Level

SOAP Notes

Heart Anatomy

Brain Anatomy

Rehabs and Treatments

Conus Medullaris Syndrome

Glasgow Coma Scale

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Range Of Motion

Adhesive Capsulitis

Rancho Los Amigos

Musculoskeletal System




Grasp Development

Mental Exam

OT Ethics

And Much More



When treating frozen shoulder treatment, which intervention is NOT appropriate?

a. Pain Management

b. Splinting


d. Strengthening activities

 OT Exam




NBCOT Study Guide

A Note from the Developer:

The OTStudyguide.com does not guarantee that you will pass the exam; however, it does seek to help you build upon the foundation you've laid as a occupational therapy student.  Studying is IMPERATIVE to pass an exam.  There are no short cuts.  The OTStudyguide.com Study Guide & Practice Pack is a vital tool for your success!!  Wishing you the best of luck in your studying and occupational therapy aspirations!



Zachary Johnson



 NBCOT Exam Prep

Testimonials from Previous Test Takers Using the OTStudyguide.com Study Guide & Practice Pack:

"An invaluable source of OT information..  I could not have passed this exam without this study guide and practice questions!"

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"well worth the investment..  I paid $64 for some study cards that had half of this information"

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"These practice questions convinced me to study harder as I didn't know as much as I thought I did! "

Crystal from Honolulu, HI


"I Made my own flash cards from the Study Guide...  whatever I didn't know, I made into a flash card..   400 of them.."

Tami from Milwaukee, WI


"The Guide has dramatically increased my confidence and understanding of the NBCOT Exam..   I found some things I didn't even knew I was suppose to study, and sure enough they were on the test!!  THANK YOU..  I PASSED!!"

Suzuki from Phoenix, AZ



Cassidy from Scranton, PA


"I could not have passed without this!  THANK YOU!"

Danielle from Idaho

 "The best study notes for the NBCOT exam for sale"

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"Well worth the $24.95 price.. "

Robert from Newark, NJ


There is NO other NBCOT Exam Prep like this one on the Internet!


Check out the Latest NBCOT Exam News here along with New Questions

Check out Http://nbcotexam.blogspot.com




Want to learn more about the NBCOT Exam?

How Many Questions, Passing Score, What to bring, How to Take It, Etc.

Download this Adobe PDF from the NBCOT website (if you can't open it, go to www.adobe.com and download the latest Adobe Reader)

For all information regarding the NBCOT OT Exam, please go to the NBCOT.org site.

>>> NBCOT Certification Examination Handbook and Application  <<<

OT Certification


If you are ready for the NBCOT Exam, can you answer these questions? 

Can You Describe Decubitus Ulcers?

What is the Range of Motion Measurement for Horizontal Abduction?

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

Can You Describe Voluntary Openings (VO) on a Terminal Device?

What Splint do you use for someone with Burns to the Dorsum of the Hand?

Can You Describe the Hypertrophic Scar?

What are the 4 Stages of HIV/AIDS?

What is Nystagmus?


If NOT, don't delay, get the OTstudyguide.com NBCOT Exam Study Guide TODAY!


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Please note that we are not in anyway affiliated with the NBCOT.  We are a private group that created these 2 documents to help people understand the concepts required for the NBCOT Exam.

NBCOT is a trademark of NBCOT.org

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While we can't guarantee that you will pass the NBCOT Exam, we do guarantee Electronic Delivery of this product and that the content is update and NBCOT exam Related.  For any questions or if you are truly unsatisfied with this Study Pack, please email info (at) otstudyguide.com 

If the deciding factor for your purchase is the fact that you can get a refund if it doesn't somehow magically "make you pass" - then please don't purchase this Study Guide.

If that is the case, you are looking for an easy way out of passing this exam.  This is not what this guide is meant for.  Ethics is the key to being a Great OT, so if your intentions aren't good, stop now!

We are not trying to scam anybody, so please do not try to scam us.  We've heard all the stories; bad grammar, duplicates, no data, etc..  We take pride in our work because we want to see other OT's succeed, so if you are looking for a freebie, please don't purchase this and try for a refund, be honest, as this is an honest profession that you will be getting into.


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