What is the the OTStudyguide.com NBCOT Study Guide?

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THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE QUESTION PACK is essential for your studies to help you pass the NBCOT exam!

GREAT FOR THE NEW NBCOT EXAM to become a Registered Occupational Therapist! and great for OTA’s too !!

This is the Guide Instructors all over are recommending as a must have for passing the NBCOT EXAM!

1100 Things You Should Know Before Taking The Exam Plus 300 Free Practice Questions


THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE QUESTION PACK is essential for your studies to help you pass the NBCOT exam!

GREAT FOR THE NEW NBCOT EXAM to become a Registered Occupational Therapist! and great for OTA’s too !!

Only $24.95  

This guide was made by students who have taken and passed the NBCOT exam.   We know students do not have a lot of money, so this is one reason we keep the price so low. And it’s great material to use for the new 2016 exam!

This guide is only $24.95.  There is not a study guide on the market that compares to this one with what is included.

THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE PACK contains information NOT FOUNDANYWHERE on the internet.  


Included in this pack:

STUDY GUIDE:  The OTStudyguide.com study pack includes over 1000 content areas that must be reviewed prior to taking the test.  Some include Pictures to help explain what you should know. These content areas  (see below some of the content areas that are covered) reflect what is on the exam and is an exhaustive selection of concepts that appear most often within the exam.

FREE PRACTICE PACK:  The OTstudyguide.com practice pack includes 300 exam questions that incorporate content and clinical thinking into a simulated practice test  review.  Questions are similar to those on the exam and require solid knowledge of concepts reviewed from the study guide.

Formerly NBCOTexam.com..  (changed to avoid confusion with the NBCOT.org study guide)

This is the ONLY place on the Internet where you can find this Study Guide, anywhere else and it’s not the Original..

COMING SOON:  iPAD/iPHONE/Droid App in 2016


Studying for the exam takes comprehensive review of the    content you learned in occupational therapy school and its application within the clinical setting.  Our study guide provides not only a review of the content through our exhaustive list of over 1000 things you must know prior to taking the NBCOT, but we also provide you practice exam questions that challenge your application of the content areas you’ve reviewed. 


The NBCOT is a clinical examination which requires extensive knowledge and critical thinking skills.  The NBCOT’s difficulty is a reflection of the required skills that you must have to become strong, confident entry-level occupational therapist.  Your passing the exam is testiment to your high level of clinical skills and your ability to practice as a quality occupational therapist.  The NBCOT is intended to challenge you and simulate situations you will encounter as you enter occupational therapy profession. 

It is imperative that you review all content areas and apply your knowledge before taking the exam.

Why Choose Us

There is NO other NBCOT Exam Prep like this one on the Internet!

Additional Support for:

Adobe: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat.html

Kindle:  http://www.wikihow.com/Add-a-PDF-to-a-Kindle

Microsoft Surface App for PDF’s:  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/pdf-reader/9wzdncrfj3nl

Nook: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/add-pdf-nook-29162.html

Linux: http://www.gnostice.com/nl_article.asp?id=182&t=How_To_Install_Free_PDF_Reader_In_Linux

How do I get this on my PC or MAC?

  1.  After purchase, you get download link.
  2. The file is Zipped (Compressed) to allow faster download.
  3. Unzip the file using a program like WINZIP (for PC, download.com or for the MAC – the Appstore).
  4. Unzipping the file will create two files.  The Guide and Practice Questions, both in PDF format
  5. Use a program like Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (from Adobe.com) to read the files

How to view on my IPAD

First Download to PC / MAC or to your cloud for saving.    The best Option is then to upload to ibooks or email to self and do the following:

  1. Tap the Attachment to begin downloading. Navigate to the bottom of the email where the attachment is and simply tap to download (if it didn’t start automatically).
  2. After the download completes, tap on the attachment. The attachment icon will now have the letters PDF on it. Tap to open.
  3. Scroll through and view the PDF file. Once you are viewing the file, you can tap the screen once and you will be presented with preview pages on the right-hand side. These are useful for quick navigation.


Tap the square icon in the top-right corner. Tap anywhere on the document and this will give you the square icon at the top of the screen (on the same panel as the document’s title) and then

Tap ‘Open in iBooks’ or ‘Open in Adobe Reader’. Both apps are free from the App Store and offer additional functionality not found in the Safari quick-view

How to view on my Android Device


Copy or download the PDF file to your Android device. There are several ways that you can get PDF files onto your Android device.

  • Tapping a link for a PDF file in a website will download the PDF file to your Downloads folder.
  • Opening a PDF attachment in an email message will attempt to open the PDF in a viewer app or save it in your Downloads folder, depending on your mail app.
  • You can connect your Android device to your computer via USB and copy PDF files into any folder. Your Android device will appear as a USB drive on your computer when you connect it.
Open your Downloads or File Manager app. Most Android devices will have one of these apps, which will allow you to browse your downloaded files. Your File Manager may be labeled “My Files.” If you can’t find an app to view your downloaded files, you can install one from the Google Play Store. Just open the store and search for “file manager” to find a variety of options.
Find your PDF files. Use your file manager to navigate to your PDF files. If you downloaded the PDF from an email or website, you’ll likely find them in the Downloads folder. If you copied them to your device, you’ll find them in whichever folder you copied them to.

Tap the PDF to open it. If you have an app assigned to PDF files already, it will open automatically. If you don’t have an app associated with PDF files, you’ll be prompted to select which app you want to use.

  • You may already have an app installed that can open PDF files. Google Drive comes installed on a lot of Android devices, and can open PDF files.

Download an app from the Play Store that can open PDF files. If you find your PDF file but don’t have an application that can open it, you can download one from the Google Play Store. Popular apps include:[2]

  • Google PDF Reader
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • PDF Reader
  • Polaris Office
  • Foxit MobilePDF
Select your new app when opening your PDF file. When you tap your PDF file, you’ll be shown a list of apps. Select your newly-downloaded PDF reader app, and then tap “Always.” This will associate that app with PDF files so that they open in the app automatically.

Open the Settings app if you want to stop an app from opening PDFs. If you need to clear an app’s file association settings so that it doesn’t automatically open PDF files, you can do so from the Settings app.

  • Tap the “Apps” or “Applications” option.
  • Find and tap the app that you want to remove PDF association settings for.
  • Tap the “Clear defaults” button to stop the app from opening your PDF files.

How to View on my IPhone

Download the PDF. Open the email containing the PDF and tap the attachment to download it. Your PDF may be downloaded automatically.
Preview the PDF. Tap the file to open it in Quick Look. Once the file has finished downloading, the attachment will display a PDF icon. Tap it to open it using Quick Look, which will allow you to preview the PDF.
When the document is opened in Quick Look, swipe up and down to move between each page. Tap the Back arrow in the upper-left corner to return to the email.
Open the PDF with another app. Tap and hold the PDF icon in your email until the menu appears. Tap “Open in iBooks” if you want to open the PDF in iBooks. Tap one of the other listed apps to open the PDF in another app.

Why no Hard Copy (Book) version and other support questions..

To save costs, no physical books are made, there are only digital versions of this guide available.

We will have an IPAD/IPHONE/Android app coming soon in 2016. Stay tuned.

If you have problems downloading the guide, just send an email to support@otstudyguide.com.  We will either send it to you via email or re-enable the download link.  Remember it’s a large PDF File, so downloading depending on your connection can take some time.

You have 3 opportunities to download the files before it expires.  There is also a 48 hour  window as well.

Study Guide Information


What is the the OTStudyguide.com NBCOT Study Guide?

THE OTstudyguide.com STUDY GUIDE & FREE PRACTICE QUESTION PACK is essential for your studies to help you pass the NBCOT exam! GREAT FOR THE NEW NBCOT EXAM to become a Registered Occupational Therapist! and great for OTA’s too !! This is the Guide Instructors all over are recommending as a must have for passing the NBCOT EXAM! 1100 […]

What is inside?

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